Semesters run in the Fall and Winter and last 14 weeks. Classes are scheduled for one evening per week for three hours (7:00-10:00). There are two separate class groups, each with up to 14 students. Students are allowed to work at the guild outside of class hours up to 21 hours per week. Lab hours will be set each semester and remain consistant throughout the semester.


         INSPIRATION AND ASPIRATION        with Nancy Bulkley

Mondays, 7-10pm, 14 weeks
January 7 through April 8
$400 includes materials, firing and open studio time

This class offers a warm introduction to working with clay and encouragement to hone skills in hand building and throwing on the wheel. Whether new to clay or doing it for decades there is always experimentation and investigation and, hopefully, openness to happy accidents along the way. Demonstrations will include making and refining plates, mugs, bowls, boxes, teapots, and stamps. This class aims to support students in their search for what inspires them and help students realize their aspirations in clay.

About the Artist

Nancy received her BFA from Alfred University. She began her undergraduate work at the University of Michigan art school. She has been teaching ceramics for over twenty five years. She currently teaches at Yourist Studio and is an associate member of the Potters Guild. She feels grateful to be able to make things and share the process with students.


CONNECTING YOUR ART AND HEART   with Daria Paik                 

Thursdays, 7-10pm, 14 weeks
January 10 through April 11
$400 includes materials, firing and open studio time

This class will focus on both wheel throwing and hand building techniques. Students will be introduced to numerous construction options and how to personalize their work with creative surface decoration skills.



About the Artist

Daria grew up in Seoul, Korea where she received a Bachelor of Science. In 1988 she moved to the US where she gained her foundation in ceramics at the University of Alabama. When she works with clay, she starts with a blank state of mind, and her work comes from her heart. She feels that creativity cannot be learned; only techniques can be taught. When she touches clay, she forgets time, seeing the only prerequisite for art as a spark of creativity.
More of her work can be seen at